The benefits of CBD on a dog: why should we give it to him?

CBD is now known for its virtues for humans, to the point where it has become legal to buy and consume and often under a doctor's prescription.

It helps us to stay calm, reduce our stress, manage our anxiety, regain a very good quality sleep, relieve osteoarthritis, open the appetite and many other things where anyone with different types of problems can quickly find a cure thanks to CBD. Research has shown that its wonderful benefits benefit not only humans but also animals, especially dogs. If you are a dog owner, this topic surely interests you. You ask yourself a lot of questions because you are still hesitant to give some to your pet, but, here are some good reasons that should convince you to do so.

What is CBD for dogs?

You should know that "CBD" is the diminutive of "cannabidiol" and it can also be called cannabis light because it is one of the molecules that make up cannabis or in other words, the hemp plant.

benefits cbd dog

The other component of this plant is THC which is still illegal because unlike CBD, it can have harmful effects on the psychic of consumers and in the long term, it can be downright devastating. CBD is therefore benevolent to our health and it does not cause any unwanted side effects. Even if it was intended for a long time for humans, many now use it for their dogs because it promotes their health and well-being just as much. There have always been various dog sedatives on the market such as Feliway, Zylkene or Bach Flowers so this notion of offering a supplement for animals to help them relax is not really new. On the other hand, CBD has brought even more effective benefits and virtues whose effects are quickly visible.

Holistic veterinarians also recommend it extensively, as do animal naturopaths and canine behaviorists.

CBD for dogs can be purchased without a prescription online and in physical stores such as:

  • pet stores;
  • veterinary practices;
  • shops that sell CBD specifically;
  • pet-sitters;
  • groomers.

And you can find it in several forms: in sprays, balms or even treats, to the delight of your dog.

CBD for dogs is beneficial for stress and anxiety

Stress is never good, both for humans and dogs because it can cause serious consequences on physicaland psychological health by causing sleep disorders, loss of appetite or diarrhea.

benefits cbd dog

CBD for a dog diagnosed with stress related to a phobia, anxiety or a stressful situation in particular, is therefore a highly recommended solution because it will help him relax. Cases of stress can occur when:

  • a change in routine;
  • a specific phobia such as for thunderstorms, veterinarians;
  • a fear of abandonment;
  • a death or a new family member.

THE CBD is to be consumed half an hour before the stress rises so that the dog can slowly but surely find his calm.

CBD for dogs for pain

Whether it's for age-related pain, arthritis, inflammation, or oxidative stress, CBD can work against a lot of the pain your dog may endure. It is even considered by scientists tobe a medicine to deal with chronic pain. CBD can therefore be used thanks to its inflammatory benefits to soothe and relieve pain related to:

  • trauma;
  • an operation;
  • old age;
  • a fracture
  • itching caused by an allergic reaction
  • redness caused by inflammation
  • arthritis
  • an autoimmune disease.

CBD can be consumed by being either swallowed or used as a balm to be applied topically. Among the most recognized CBD balms is that of the Botaneo range which is composed in addition to the CBD of coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter, which offers a deep care for dogs.

CBD for dogs to promote restful sleep

Stress and pain are usually caused by another problem and that is sleep disorders. Just like for humans, nightmares, insomnia and poor quality sleep are a haunting to live for the dog. CBD therefore acts as a calming and soothing, which helps your dog to find a heavy and restful sleep faster and more easily and thus be naturally less anxious and have less pain.

CBD for depression

It may seem weird at first glance, but dogs can actually experience depression and suffer as much as we do. After an ordeal that has been hard for them, a trauma or a deep sadness that has been temporary or that has lasted a long time, dogs can experience periods of depression.

Thanks to the calming properties of CBD, the dog that consumes it can overcome this ordeal faster and with fewer complications. Among the causes of depression in a dog, we can mention:

  • abuse (confinement, violence… etc);
  • the death of someone who was very dear to him (his owner, a family member, another animal… etc);
  • direct or indirect abandonment;
  • post-traumatic shock.

It is usually dogs abused in the past or those in shelters who have experienced painful changes in their experience who are going through this disease that can fortunately now be cured by CBD.

CBD for dogs increases appetite and helps fight nausea

Maybe there are foods that your dog has trouble eating? Maybe he loses his appetite and you see that he is finding it more and more difficult to eat well? Give him CBD, it can increase his appetite because according to the National Cancer Institute, it is part of his many benefits. If your dog has vomiting and nausea, CBD can also relieve them.

CBD for dogs against epilepsy

The last advantage of CBD for dogs, it is observed that it can have very positive effects in epileptic animals. By administering the best CBD products for dogs to your pet you will be able to space out or even eliminate epileptic seizures in him and ensure him and you a milder daily life.