CBD oil: how to choose the best one?

The consumption of cannabis as well as cannabis itself are often the subject of controversy and are always at the heart of debates around the world, because the opinions of experts and specialists are still very mixed.

Basically, CBD was discovered in 1939, by a researcher in chemistry, more precisely in organic chemistry who managed to isolate the CBD molecule from the hemp plant and who was thus able to make studies on its many therapeutic properties. In this article, we will talk a little more in detail about this molecule but especially about its consumption in the form of oil.

Why is CBD a highly valued molecule?

Pharmaceutical industries, like the medical industries today, are increasingly seduced by one of the 100 component molecules of hemp.

Unlike THC, the first best known and most reputable molecule of cannabis that proves to be very addictive in addition to having psychoactive properties that lead to addiction and act on the nervous system and therefore directly affect the normal functioning of the brain, but which can also create behavioral disorders as well as mood changes and paranoia in some, CBD has strictly no psychoactive effects and does not lead to addiction. In addition, CBD has many studies and research, rather positive effects! This molecule, thanks to its therapeutic properties and its very low concentration of THC, has relaxing, antidepressant effects, but also anti-inflammatory effects.

Also, it can be very beneficial and useful for the treatment of certain diseases but also in the cessation of drugs or tobacco. Even though cannabis is frequently at the heart of debates and does not have the best reputation, it is increasingly coveted and sought after for the therapeutic effects that come from cannabidiol, which help to reduce certain ailments and treat some diseases. However, one must be careful not to make a mistake, CBD does not represent a medical treatment or a drug solution in its own right, it is just a supplement. As you will have understood, the two molecules mentioned do not have an effect on the same nerve receptors in the brain.

In what forms is CBD available?

CBD can come in different forms and be consumed in different ways, we are going to talk about its different forms. First of all we have the flowers and resins, you can make infusions and herbal teas to sleep well or relax after a long tiring day, or you can use it using an inhaler with a vaporizer. For a little more therapeutic purpose, you have CBD oil to apply to the skin or drink.
Also, you can find on the market CBD E-liquids to smoke your electronic cigarettes with various flavors. And finally, you have the purest form of CBD that is made as a result of an extraction of CO2 from hemp, CBD crystals! The advantage with crystals is that they have a very versatile use knowing that you can incorporate them into your culinary recipes (smoothies, pastries ..), as you can apply them in care or in natural cosmetic products to take care of you (in cream, ointment or massage oil).

How is CBD oil produced?

Even though it depends on the type of cannabis or hemp and the growing and planting conditions, the resinous trichomes of the plants contain a certain amount of CBD. Generally, hemp is limited andhas much less THC compared to other kinds of cannabis and therefore less CBD. It is from these resinous trichomes that CBD oil is extracted. If you're wondering what trichomes are, they're simply very delicate little structures related to the cannabis flower.

However, there are different ways to extract CBD oil before it is refined and transformed into a product, the primary goal of this extraction is to have CBD as well as other beneficial molecules in very high concentration. For centuries, it has been one of the first methods to extract CBD and indeed the best! Ethanol extraction is a practice frequently done to extract medical compounds from marijuana but also from other plants. Another extraction method quite coveted and widespread, is the extraction of CBD with CO2 to separate precisely this beneficial molecule from other cannabinoids.

What is the best CBD oil?

Experts and specialists have based themselves on certain criteria to keep and select only the most effective oils.

  • First criterion judged, the effects! Effective oils must have more or less global effects, they must act quickly and reduce several ailments;
  • the quality and composition of the oil too: specialists agree that natural oils made from 100% ingredients are the best;
  • their origin, because it is better to have a reliable oil whose origins are known than anything else.

The best CBD oil and the one that everyone recommends is the 5% Organic CBD oil from the CBD farm, it is really considered the best par excellence! It stands out with a perfect dosage and it comes from certified organic hemp plants. In addition, thanks to the dosing pipette, its handling is easy!

The second good quality oil , is CBD oil 10%, it is a Swiss brand, it is known to act quickly and to have powerful effects. In addition, its manufacturing process is completely controlled from A to Z. We hope you enjoyed this article and now know a little more about CBD oil and its extraction methods.