Best CBD Oils – Buying Guide to the Best CBD Oils in Juin 2024

Among the best-selling CBD derivatives, CBD oils are undoubtedly the best sellers, ahead of gelules and herbal teas. With their high concentration of CBD making them particularly effective for relaxing or fighting muscle pain, CBD Oils exist in many varieties and so we will see with you which are the best CBD oils on the market, whatever your budget.

In brief

  • The best CBD oils have been shown to have countless benefits. On the other hand, the WHO has made it clear countless times that it is a safe substance, with no proven recreational use or potential for abuse.
  • CBD can also be obtained from industrial hemp or marijuana (two varieties of Cannabis sativa that we use here interchangeably). However, when extracted from the latter, the presence of THC is more difficult to reduce.
  • Among the most important purchasing criteria is that of concentration. When you start using it, it is advisable to do it with a low concentration CBD oil (5%). We review this and other criteria at the end of this content.

For starters, what is CBD Oil?

When we talk about hemp oil or CBD oil, social constructs can lead us to think that we are dealing with a psychotropic substance. Nothing could be further from the truth, as CBD has proven therapeutic effects, but not the typical alterations in consciousness of THC. The substance is offered in oil form because it is often diluted in other elements such as coconut or hemp oil. But what exactly is CBD? It is one of the more than one hundred known compounds that make up Cannabis sativa. To get it, you can use industrial hemp or marijuana itself, although the latter has a higher concentration of THC that is difficult to purify. In general, it is the leaves and flowers of these plants that are best for making CBD oil.

How to evaluate the best CBD oils?

To make our ranking of the best CBD oils, we have taken into account several factors.

  • CBD content
  • The origin of Cannabis Sativa
  • The type of crop (organic or subject to chemicals)
  • The price
  • La concentration en CBD
  • Complementary ingredients added to the oil

It is obviously complicated to establish a ranking from the best to the worst oil. Each oil has been developed and imagined to meet a specific need. An oil for muscle or joint pain will not be made in the same way as an oil that will relax or help you sleep. In our Top 5 of the best CBD oils we will categorize them to offer you products that suit your needs and the use you want to make of them.

Our Top 5 Best CBD Oils in Juin 2024

The best CBD oil if you had to choose only one

best cbd oil 20% cibdolEven if we have just told you that it is very complicated to define the ultimate CBD oil, we will still try to bend to the exercise by choosing only one oil, the one we would buy if we had to be faithful to a single oil all our lives. Obviously, the oil that we will offer you is not within the reach of all budgets but by buying it you can save yourself from inefficient oil purchases or maybe you will have to put 2 or 3 times more quantity of a less effective oil. The CBD oil 20% of Cibdol (excellent brand, real reference on the market) is highly concentrated in CBD and is, in addition, enriched with hemp seed oil which further improves its effectiveness. This oil has 100% positive reviews and testimonials are unanimous in praising its effectiveness against anxiety, behavioral disorders, epilepsy or lower back or neck pain. A must on the market and our recommendation if you are looking for THE best CBD oil.

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CBD oil at the best value for money

Best natureight CBD oilCheaper than 20% Cibdol oil since the price is around 35 €, Gold Natureight oil is dosed at 6% (which also explains its more affordable price) but is also supplemented by Hemp oil which optimizes its effectiveness on muscle pain. Its revolutionary extraction technique allows it to optimize its composition in terms of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. Very effective against neuralgia, lower back or neck pain and anxiety, it is without the best CBD oil to test when you do not want to put too big a budget or when you start using this kind of oil.

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CBD oil to overcome your insomnia

best cbd oil meladol sleep

For the very specific use of the fight against insomnia and sleep problems, we recommend Meladol oil – Sleep. Its Lipsomale formula uses liposomes to penetrate cells and membranes thoroughly and be 100% effective in fighting anxiety and driving you to sleep. Enriched with melatonin, the hormone that leads to sleep, it is arguably the most effective oil if you have sleep disorders. On the other hand, be vigilant and do not use it if you have to drive or at the beginning of the day. At 25€ on average, it is really an excellent value for money.

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The Best Oil with High CBD Concentration

CBD oil 40% cibdol

What makes the effectiveness of a CBD oil is above all its concentration of CBD. There are entry-level oils that revolve around 5% CBD but the most highly concentrated can go up to 30% or even 40%! We can discuss the usefulness of such a concentration, very good oils already existing from 20%, but if you want to experiment if the less dosed oils do not make you enough effect. As every time with Cibdol, we are on the very high quality with 100% organic hemp without traces of pesticides, grown in Europe. This oil is not designed to be spread (and given the price is good) but is supplied with a measuring cap and a few drops deposited under the tongue will be enough to make a lot of effect, especially on strong anxieties.

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The Best CBD Oil for Athletes

best cbd oil for sportsIf you are an athlete and want to optimize your performance with CBD, Weazy's CBD Sport oil is ideal for you. Enriched with 5 complementary oils of CBD oil (Hemp Seed, Coconut, Avocado, Nuts and Turmeric), this oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin F, fatty acids, Selenium and, thanks to turmeric and CBD, has natural anti-inflammatory effects. This oil is used by 15 professional athletes and, even if you are professionals, you can use it since the World Anti-Doping Agency authorized it in 2018. Available around 30 €, it is also very affordable, ideal for testing the effects of CBD in a sports setting.

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What effects can I expect from a CBD oil?

Although there is still a lot to prove scientifically, the therapeutic effects of CBD oil are already corroborated. You can check this in recent news like this (1). In addition to these anticonvulsant effects, there are many others that, although not a cure for anything, help to cope with countless ailments in a natural way:

  • Anticonvulsant.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Neuroprotective.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Anti-emetic and anti-nausea.
  • Antitumor.
  • Antipsychotic.
  • Helps to combat drug addiction.
  • Immunomodulator.

Logically, these effects have been more or less contrasted, but there is still much to study. Be that as it may, in the last decade, very serious studies have been published on the subject, even in Spanish, as confirmed by various recent publications of academic institutes and researchers.

What prices for the best CBD oils

You will be able to find CBD oils at all prices. Our selection starts around €25 and goes up to €200 for highly concentrated CBD oils, at rates of 40%. If you are a beginner, you do not have to put too much money in your first oil right away, give yourself time to master the subject before buying oils at 200 €. Below 50€ you already have a lot of very good references.

How is CBD oil used?

It will depend on the CBD oil you have chosen. Some oils can be used in massage, others are put under the tongue, others can also be used in cooking and are flavored for it. It is therefore once again complicated to give a unique answer to this question, refer to the leaflet provided with the CBD oil you will buy.

Is CBD Oil legal in France?

Of course I do. If we offer you a selection of CBD oils it is because it is 100% legal, these oils do not contain THC at all and are therefore not psychotropic products or drugs. You can therefore buy and use them completely legally, in France as in all European countries and the vast majority of countries in the world.