Best Hemp Flowers – Top 5 CBD Flowers

Hemp consumption has always been a controversial issue in all countries, but this is no longer the case due to the favorable legal regulations that are put in place in many countries. More and more studies and analyses accredit the many properties and benefits of hemp flower for the body. But how to see clearly among the many references offered on CBD sites? Which hemp flower to buy? Is there a difference between hemp flower and CBD flower? Here's everything you need to know to buy the best hemp flowers.

What is Hemp Flower

There is often a tendency to confuse hemp and marijuana, and although it is the same plant, the main component is very different. Marijuana contains THC in significant amounts and, therefore, its psychoactive effects make it illegal in most countries, while hemp has an industrial and more permissive use. Most industries and economic sectors (automotive, textile, paper, etc.) use this element, which is why it is widely recognized.

Hemp is identical to cannabis, except for THC. In contrast, it contains CBD, a substance found in the flowers or buds of hemp. Over the years, several scientific studies and analyses have been published that have accredited its use in the production of products related to health and beauty. Based on this, the oil extracted from hemp flowers is useful for treating ailments and inflammations, as well as for treating nausea and acne, among many other diseases. It should be noted that although different from marijuana, these flowers also help to combat insomnia.

What uses for the Hemp flower?

Although hemp flower can be used in a variety of ways, the best ways to use it are infused into either herbal teas or food products. So you can make herbal teas from hemp flower, these infusions are very effective with an effect that is both fast and prolonged. An herbal tea before going to bed and you can be sure to sleep very deeply. You can also infuse your hemp leaf in butter to be able to consume it at each meal, at breakfast with a little jam or at dinner. The advantage of this mode of consumption is that the hemp flower will have an effect throughout digestion and you will therefore enjoy the relaxing and pain-relieving effects for a period of several hours.

Conversely, and although it is possible, it is not very advisable to smoke the CBD flower in a joint or a bang because the disadvantages are then as high as the benefits, the combustion being bad for the lungs. On the other hand, you can consider dry vaporization. By using an E-cigarette the effects will be faster than by infusion, less long too but it will still work. To see if an E-Liquid will not be more suitable for this kind of use.

Best Hemp Flowers – Our Top 5 Best CBD Flowers

How to compare CBD flowers with each other? This is a real question around which the editorial staff has been agitated and we have not really found an answer. Hemp flowers can have different properties between them that will suit each of you more or less, so we will offer you CBD flowers for each use that may suit you. There is one point on the other hand where does not compromise it is the quality and reliability of the production. The products we offer you in our

The most popular hemp flower – L'Amnesia Haze

best cbd flower amnesia hazeIf there is one variety of Hemp that is almost legendary, it is Amnesia Haze. First place in the Cannabis Cup in 2004 and Winner of the 2012 Best Sativa Strain Award, the Amnesia Haze CBD flower is a safe bet worldwide. Its rich taste and spicy scent are recognizable between 1000. Its effects are fast and will boost your concentration while relaxing you. It is THE flower to test when entering the middle of the Hemp flower, whether in infusion or crumbled in a food recipe. Available around 30€ for 3.5 grams.

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The richest hemp flower in CBD – La MoonRock

best moonrock hemp flowerThe MoonRock owes its name to its appearance close to moonstones. This CBD flower is perhaps the richest in CBD on the market which allows it to have very fast and very powerful effects. And to prolong its effects, it is enriched with OG Kush which allows it to have prolonged effects. Dynamite!

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The dream crossing – La Lemon Haze

best hemp flower lemon hazeThe Lemon Haze Hemp Flower is a hybrid of 2 of the most powerful European versions: The Lemon Skunk and the Amnesia Haze discussed above. It draws from this noble lineage a tangy taste and unparalleled stimulating effects. The short flowering period offers many beautiful buds sporting beautiful crystals. Its taste of lemon, orange and pineapple makes it one of the tastiest CBD flowers in the world.

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The Candy – the Strawberry Kush

best flower cbd strawberry kushIf you like candy, you'll love strawberry Kush. A cross of the Strawberry Cough and an OG Kush, it has large, slightly sticky heads. The most popular variety in the United States, it is gaining a growing notoriety thanks to its fruity taste and white strawberry aroma. Both soft and powerful, it will offer you powerful effects while being pleasant in infusion or integrated into your cooking recipes. To test!

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The Discovery Pack

hemp flower discovery packIf you can't choose from the different hemp flowers on the market, the excellent website offers a discovery pack with 4 different CBD flowers. In this pack you will find 4 different varieties (Amnesia haze, Strawberry Kush, OG Kush Xl and Gelato #01) with 2 packets of hemp leaves offered. Like all the products offered on the website, the CBD flowers included in the pack are organic and guaranteed to comply with French standards with a THC content of less than 0.2%. An ideal gateway into the world of CBD flower.

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What are the benefits of hemp flower

Hemp flower, as with most CBD products, has positive effects on anxiety, muscle and joint pain, and sleep disorders. Scientific studies are looking at the therapeutic uses that could be made of CBD flowers but we already see many beneficial effects for health. In sports also CBD can promote recovery but mainly in enriched oils that will provide vitamins and trace elements that accelerate recovery after exercise.

Is it legal to buy CBD flowers?

Yes, in France and Europe CBD is no longer classified as a narcotic so you can buy it legally. Make sure you buy from a reputable site or shop though so that your CBD flowers are below the 0.2% THC required by law. Non-compliant products could pose a risk to your health.

On which sites to buy your Hemp flowers?

There is no shortage of CBD sites and a simple Google search will show you the huge competition that exists in this market. But beware, not all of them have yet proven themselves. We recommend 4 that have proven themselves and you can find here our page dedicated to the best reliable CBD sites. Not all of them sell hemp flowers in any season but go for a walk, these are the ones that offer the best CBD products at the best price.

The Best CBD Flowers

CBD flowers, although very controversial, have many virtues, and there are various ways to use them. It is sometimes difficult to also know which flower to choose, which is why you have to be well informed in order to have the best possible products.

Here is a short guide to choosing the best cbd flowers :
– choose your flower according to the CBD rate you want to have. Indeed, each flower has its own properties, and it is important to choose a rate that suits you.
– make sure that the flower you choose has a CBD and THC level below the standards of European legislation. These rates will be a guarantee of quality, as it proves that the products are controlled in certified laboratories.

– choose flowers without pesticides or herbicides. Just like fruits and vegetables, you must be careful to take flowers whose treatment is healthy and natural. This also makes it possible to have high-quality flowers.
You now know the three most important points to focus on in order to choose the best CBD flowers and be sure of its quality.