The best CBD resins: how to recognize them?

The substance most used by lovers of THC-free cannabis is resin. It is an interesting raw material containing cannabidiol to provide beneficial effects for the animal and human organism. 

Information and topics dealing with CBD resin are few. But you can recognize it according to a few criteria. If you are a CBD lover and want to test this substance, you can opt for online comparisons. We have selected the list of the best CBD resins according to several criteria such as consumer reviews, taste, smell, production and more.

What is a CBD resin?

One can find in cannabis, CBD or cannabidiol which is an active substance naturally. During an extraction of terpenes from flowers and trichomes, CBD resin is obtained. The latter is an earthy and brown substance. Also called hash or hashish, the resin is a CBD concentrate that contains a small THC content of less than 0.02%. No psychotropic effects or provided by this substance. In this case, you can consume it in France. Whatever its form, CBD can treat several disorders such as:

  • skin problems;
  • pain;
  • stress;
  • epilepsy.

Its therapeutic virtues are innumerable. The terpenes must be separated from the rest of the plant and the trichomes to obtain the compressed substance: CBD resin. For this, we can use several methods:

  • freezing: a thermal process makes it possible to extract the material. The trichomes are isolated from the flowers;
  • Charas: to obtain the resin, cannabis plants are split manually;
  • drying: the resinous glands are dried. To obtain the fine powder which is terpenes and pollen, we pass our glands through a sieve. Compression is the last process.

resin cbd

CBD resin is a useful and pleasant substance to consume. But to ensure a benefit from any effect of CBD, you must be vigilant about the amount of products to consume.

How to recognize the right resin easily?

It is important to trust your senses to judge the good quality of a CBD resin. To recognize the right resin, you do not need to be an expert, you also need to check a few criteria.

The smell

Powerful aromas are released by CBD, as it is a plant substance obtained directly from hemp. So, if you find that a product has a plastic smell or a chemical smell, it should be avoided. This must surely be corrupted or altered. It can harm your health and cannot produce the necessary effects.

The aspect

To evaluate and verify the quality of a product, appearance is the best way. In this case, you need to start with the color that varies according to the diversity of the flowers and the methods of manufacture. The color oscillates between dark brown and light brown. But you can find other colors like Lebanese resin having a purple or reddish color. Avoid products with white spots or a very green color. This means that there are still oils added to the resin or that the resin has been misplaced. This resin can produce harmful effects.


The method of extraction influences the texture of the resin. Generally speaking, its texture should be slightly sticky and earthy. A slightly oily appearance can make highly compressed resins stand out. But, it is strongly recommended to avoid resins with too much texture:

  • hard;
  • sticky;
  • Oily.

These textures are the result of the addition of additives like plastic and oil in the resin.

The 5 Best CBD Resins

CBD resin is prevalent for its high CBD content. Unlike other forms of CBD, this is the most interesting. By filtering the list of the top 5 CBD resins, you can choose what suits you best.

Afghan Hash Resin

With a very greasy texture and elastic to the touch, AFGHAN Hash resin is offered by several online suppliers. It is characterized by its high CBD content with a rate of 25%. For this, it provides immediate and powerful effects. In case of anxiety, it can be used as an antidepressant. 

resin afgha hash

It is highly recommended to improve the quality of sleep or to enjoy a good moment of relaxation.

Amnesia CBD resin

To help you face a long day of work, peppery and fruity Amnesia resin gives you a soft and fresh texture. You can brew it in tea or coffee as well as spray it directly. It is distinguished by a CBD content of 20%.

Lebanese Hash 13%

Kanaleg offers you a CBD hash with a CBD content of 13%.. Its taste is gripping, strong and its smell is spicy. Its reputation is assured thanks to its character and raw taste. It comes from the fields of the Baalbek Valley located in Lebanon. Cultivated by exploiting modern machines, production is directed towards industry. You can find two kinds of Lebanese resins:

  • red Lebanese resin;
  • yellow Lebanese resin.

Marocco Kush resin

Proposed by Weedy, this resin is distinguished by a CBD content of 9%.

 resin marocco kush

It has the following characteristics:

  • a spicy and sweet taste;
  • slightly spicy;
  • a soothing effect;
  • easy to use;
  • a pleasant feeling of relaxation;
  • no sedation effects or risk of addiction.

Black Mamba resin

Mamba Negra or Black Mamba resin is intended for LOVERS of CBD resin to ensure their well-being and rest. You can consume this resin when the body is no longer stressed at the end of the day. It allows you to enjoy a relaxing and light effect. It is perfect for people with sleep disorders. It can also be used as an infusion of hemp.