Dog biscuits based on CBD: what are their virtues?

CBD consumption has only been increasing for some time. The reason is quite simple: CBD is a plant with countless virtues. Known for a little while to reduce anxiety as well as chronic pain, this molecule can be used for many other things.

The advantage with CBD is that it is not only for humans, even animals can enjoy it. Dogs can greatly benefit from consuming CBD cookies.

What is CBD?

When we talk about CBD, we are referring to two things:

  • Cannabidiol, which is one of the countless molecules contained in hemp;
  • the CBD plant that contains the highest concentration of this molecule.

This active ingredient is known to have a positive influence on the body and can be used to relieve many ailments of everyday life. Unlike the most common hemp, CBD is completely legal.

dog biscuit cbdThis is mainly because of the fact that consuming products based on this plant is not bad for your health. Since they are devoid of THC, they cannot give the feeling of getting high or cause addiction. THC is the active ingredient that causes all the adverse effects associated with hemp.

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

Consuming CBD isn't just for humans, even dogs can enjoy it. It can be said that the many virtues of CBD can also be beneficial for dogs. The virtues of CBD are countless, they can be beneficial in relieving many of the health problems that dogs may face.

CBD is good for stress and anxiety in dogs

Dogs can also be prone to stress and anxiety. Whether it's as a result of a move or during a thunderstorm, dogs can experience stressful times. As soon as the cause of stress in dogs has been eliminated, they can be given CBD products. It will take an average of half an hour for the CBD to take effect and for the dog to start relaxing.

CBD is good for treating pain

A dog moves a lot and when you are also active, you have a great chance of getting injured. Dogs can also be prone to other health problems such as inflammation, autoimmune diseases or ear infections.

CBD can help the dog better cope with the pain and make it pass. You can give CBD products to your dog to relieve internal pain, as you can use CBD in the form of a balm. A CBD balm can be useful in case of dry skin, cracks or cracked pads.

CBD can be used to prevent nausea and increase appetite

If your dog is struggling to finish his bowl or is struggling to support his new kibble, CBD can be used to fix it all. CBD can also be used to prevent vomiting in dogs or nausea.

This type of symptom can be caused by drug treatments, but CBD can help relieve these problems. It can also be used in case the dog is sick or getting older.

Where can I find CBD cookies?

CBD cookies aren 't as common as you might think. It is not in just any supermarket that we risk finding these cookies. This is why you have to turn to specialized shops that offer all kinds of CBD products.

This type of product can be found in veterinarians, pet accessories shops, groomers or natural products and supplements stores. Among the brands and brands that offer these CBD-based dog cookies we have:dog biscuit cbd


This is the very first store that offers CBD-infused products designed for dogs and cats. These biscuits are produced with hand-grown hemp at the foot of the Alps. Botaneo products are certified THC-free. On their website, we can calculate the dosage of CBD that is necessary for the dog based on:

  • Its size;
  • age;
  • its symptoms.


The Chillax brand offers a wide variety of dog cookies with CBD. There are as many cookies with meat as vegetarian cookies, these little treats will certainly offer everything the dog needs in terms of nutrients. When it comes to CBD, it's dosed at 2 mg in most of their cookies. They are all certified THC-free and can be consumed depending on the size and needs of the dog.

Cookiedog Factory

This brand makes all kinds of dog products and treats. There can be a number of cookies made with CBD. These cookies are mostly made without meat and some are even vegan.

As for CBD, it is dosed so that one can give treats to a dog or cat of 4 kg daily. As always, these cookies are completely free of THC and can be used as a dietary supplement for the dog.


In addition to CBD-based dog pies, CBD oils for cats, the Pawell brand also offers CBD cookies. These small cookies are made with beef and can be eaten up to twice a day. As for the dosage, no need to break your head.

Pawell produces and doses these cookies according to the size of the dogs. There are two types of cookies: cookies for small dogs and cookies for medium dogs and large dogs. The oil that is used to make these cookies has a full spectrum and does not contain THC.