Can I buy CBD in pharmacies?

We are witnessing the explosion of the CBD and derivatives market in France since 2018. Many shops and specialized shops have been established throughout the country. It is therefore possible to buy cannabidiol in these stores. There is any type of CBD product. But is it also available in pharmacies?

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Can I buy CBD in pharmacies?

Yes, it is possible to buy CBD in pharmacies. As a reminder, CBD products must not exceed a THC level greater than 0.2%.. It is therefore completely legal to find CBD products in pharmacies. You can find CBD oil or cosmetics such as creams, balms or CBD lotions in pharmacies.

Do I need a medical prescription to buy CBD?

No, CBD products are not drugs or drugs. It is not necessary to have a medical prescription to buy CBD in pharmacies. Cannabidiol is considered to be dietary supplements. However consult your doctor or seek the advice of the pharmacist for the use of CBD products with other medications.


What type of product can be found in pharmacies?

The demand for cannabidiol products is only increasing. You can find almost all CBD products in pharmacies. However it will be much easier to get CBD oil or creams or topical CBD in pharmacies.

Buying CBD in pharmacies ensures the quality and origin of products.


Can I find CBD in all pharmacies?

Selling CBD in pharmacies is relatively new. Although CBD products with a THC content of 0.2%, are completely legal, they suffer from a bad reputation. That's why you won't find CBD in every pharmacy. Nevertheless, there is a craze around these products and more and more pharmacists are adding CBD to their catalog.

What use of cannabidiol in pharmacies?

The CBD that you can find in pharmacies is an answer to several ailments. CBD has soothing, analgesic and antipsychotic properties. It is regularly used for muscle pain, back pain, stress or fibromyalgia. In addition, CBD is not euphoric because the THC level is very low (less than 0.2% in France). It is THC that is the euphoric substance that makes you high.

Can I buy legal cannabis online without a prescription?

CBD ultimately has little to do with illegal cannabis. So you will not need to install Tor and go visit the depths of the dark web to buy it, sites sell cbd quite legally on the internet by taking the credit card and setting bills that could not be more legal. The CBD market is a bit like the new gold rush and so you can find a lot, if we have to quote you we can for example cite CBDherbe as a good site of legal cannabis cbd without prescription, in bulk we can also talk about Hexagon Green, Weedy or the CBD farm. Finally, what you can remember is that in a pharmacy as on the internet, CBD is not a product that requires a medical prescription and no pharmacy or E Commerce site will ever ask you for a prescription to sell it. On the other hand, there are more and more doctors or psychologists who prescribe (in the sense of advising) CBD to their patient because it is an effective product and without significant side effects.