CBD for dogs: is it effective for an aggressive dog?

Used in recent years for the treatment of certain physical and psychological pathologies in men, the effectiveness of CBD has made it possible to expand its use and extend it even on animals. Indeed, more and more veterinarians are advising their customers to use CBD to cure their animals, even aggressive dogs.

There are several CBD products for dogs that are known to be effective in combating behavioral problems like aggression in dogs. To learn more about the effects of CBD in animals, here's all the information you need throughout this article.

Why are dogs aggressive?

It can never be said enough, dogs are not aggressive by nature, there is always a reason for the change in your pet's behavior.

cbd for dogs

The first step in healing is to determine the reason, which is the most important step, because once you have managed to understand your dog, you can establish an effective action plan to rid him of his behavioral problems. To help you in this process, it is important to consult a veterinarian, because the origin of the problem may be a physical disorder that you have not been able to define. The essence of aggression problems in dogs can be:

  • illness or injury: as dogs do not have many means to express themselves, they can externalize an evil felt by aggressive behavior. Administering CBD can help ease the pain, but it's not enough to cure your dog;
  • Fear and anxiety: this problem is quite common in dogs adopted in animal centers and shelters, given their bad experiences with their former owners. CBD can be an effective solution in this case;
  • Possessiveness: Just like jealousy in humans, a dog can express the fear of losing its owner through aggressive behavior. This is valid when touching something he considers to be his own, namely his toys or food;
  • frustration: a dog that remains attached for a very long time will have trouble understanding that it is free to play and do what it wants when going out for a walk, this can reveal some aggressive behaviors such as growling.

Whatever the reason for your dog's aggression, know that CBD can be an effective solution to calm him down and restore his normal behavior, but it is important to follow up with the veterinarian to give him the right doses.

CBD against the aggressiveness of dogs: is it really effective?

Even today, many people find it difficult to tell the difference between THC and CBD. Even though these phytocannabioids are both derived from the cannabis plant, their effects on the body are totally different.

cbd for dogs

THC is known for its psychoactive effect, cannabis users know it very well, it is the molecule that makes you high. As for CBD, this molecule serves to relax and contribute to the well-being of the consumer, this is valid even for aggressive dogs. The distinction between these two elements is very important and contributes to the healing of several disorders, both in humans and animals.

Those who do not understand this difference see CBD treatments for animals as a way to drug their dog so that he does not become more aggressive, but this is not at all the case, because CBD helps your dog to no longer have pain if he is sick or injured or, to no longer have the feeling of stress that leads him to behave aggressively. Your pet will be able to enjoy the calming effects of CBD and feel more comfortable in their daily lives. However, care must be taken to administer the right products with the right doses to avoid any complications.

Indeed, some owners of aggressive dogs do it only at their head and do not hesitate to administer to their pets CBD products reserved for men, it can be very dangerous. The dosage of CBD in these products and the CBD/THC ratio are not negligible, as the wrong dosage can be the source of several vomiting and nausea disorders in your dog. Repetitive administration in high doses can even kill your dog, especially when it comes to small breeds. Try to choose a CBD-infused product for dogs, to facilitate its administration and the appearance of positive results in a short time.

 What if CBD alone is not enough?

CBD is very effective in calming anxiety and psychological disorders in dogs, which can significantly reduce behavioral disorders, but sometimes it can happen that CBD alone is not enough to rid the dog of these disorders. If you have tried this solution and it has not worked, you must first of all make a visit to the veterinarian who will adjust the dosage, because the change in behavior can be caused by a health problem. Some canine diseases cause aggressive behaviors in dogs such as:

  • hyperthyroidism;
  • brain tumours
  • neurological disorders such as epilepsy.

It is essential to make a complete diagnosis to ensure that your dog is in perfect health. If this is the case, it will be necessary to contact a canine training professional to find an answer adapted to the case, breed and age of your dog. Be careful not to undertake this project alone, because it can be very difficult to predict the behavior of an aggressive dog, you expose yourself to several risks, including the risk of serious bites. The training professional will help you channel your dog's negative energy and find the best plan to manage his behavior.