CBD: how to consume each of its forms?

Cannabidiol also called CBD is a molecule of the cannabinoid family. It is extracted and separated from the psychoactive components of cannabis using various techniques. Because of its many virtues, this molecule is the basis of several derived products in various forms. How to consume each of them?  

CBD oil

CBD oil is one of the most widespread and therefore widely used forms of cannabidiol. This is justified by the fact that it is among the most effective. Indeed, CBD oil is known for its fast effect and for its exceptional analgesic properties. Also benefiting from the other virtues of CBD, it is preferably consumed sublingually.  

That is, you need to lay a few drops of oil under the tongue. This way of proceeding promotes the absorption of the product by the mucous membranes and blood vessels of the mouth. However, its singular taste may not suit you. In this case, you can swallow the drops directly if you do not keep them for a few seconds under the tongue.  

CBD oil is common. Therefore, you need to pay attention to where you get it. To ensure that you consume a quality oil that complies with the legislation, limit yourself to authorized establishments and dedicated platforms such as Bistrot CBD.  

The CBD flower

The CBD flower comes in the form of leaves that you can use in different ways. It is packaged in such a way as to keep all the virtues of cannabidiol. In addition to its many properties, it has the advantage of offering you several modes of consumption. One of the most indicated ways is to consume it is in infusion like tea.  

The flower is therefore directly absorbed by your body during digestion. This method allows you to ensure the effects of this product. Even if the action is more or less slow, it is not diminished. You also have the opportunity to enhance the taste of your preparation by adding additional ingredients. It can be honey or lemon juice.  

To make your infusion, you just need to heat water. Then put the flowers in a tea strainer and pour them into boiling water. Wait ten to fifteen minutes and remove the leaf deposit. Your CBD infusion is ready.  

CBD capsules

CBD capsules are ideal for their practicality. They are very simple to use and above all discreet. If you do not want to draw attention to your CBD consumption, then they will surely suit you. Similar to ordinary tablets, they are easy to carry.

To consume them, you just have to ingest them. They are designed so that you do not feel any discomfort regarding their taste or smell. Once in your stomach, the effect of CBD will begin as soon as the capsules are completely dissolved.

The appearance of the capsules may vary slightly from one brand to another. They can be darker or smaller. In any case, the mode of consumption does not change. As soon as you feel like it, just take one and slide it down your throat.

CBD crystals

CBD crystals are not yet known to everyone. However, they are gradually gaining ground. They have the appearance of small whitish stones and have the advantage of being a fairly pure form of CBD. Even though they offer several consumption alternatives, one in particular is recommended.

As with CBD oil, you can take the crystals by putting them under the tongue. You will need to keep them for at least a minute depending on their size. These will dissolve and enter your bloodstream directly. This guarantees you almost immediate effects.

Given the purity of CBD crystals, it is important to pay attention to their dosage. This way, you avoid using more than you need. Otherwise, you may just waste your product. So remember to bring a precise scale. It will help you use set amounts of CBD crystals.

CBD e-liquids

CBD e-liquids were born due to the existence of vapes. These are small accessories for sucking the vapor from a heated liquid. These liquids are called e-liquids. Thus, if you are a fan of vaping, you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CBD. 

This is possible with CBD e-liquids. You just have to arrange them instead of the traditional ones. By sucking into your vape, you directly inhale the vapor from the heated CBD liquid. Unlike traditional e-liquids, it is not recommended to inhale those with CBD continuously. 

The best way is to do this in sessions spaced fifteen to twenty minutes apart. There are two reasons for this procedure. The first is that the effects are not instantaneous. It is therefore necessary to give the product time to act. The second is that you may inhale more than you need and use more e-liquid than you need.