Discover the best CBD drinks

At the end of the day, we all need some time to relax, unwind and take the stress out of our lives. For some, it may mean meditating or taking a well-deserved nap, while for others, it may mean preparing a cocktail or tasting a plant-based product. If, however, you're more inclined to try something less stimulating than alcohol or weed, we've found the best CBD drinks you can order online and try right now. Although CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, it contains only traces (if any) of THC. This means that you can get a pleasant feeling of relaxation without getting high. It's a win-win situation, and perhaps the refreshing and soothing moment your daily routine needs.

For lovers of sparkling water, flavored seltz, sodas, teas, and even cold brews, brands have found a way to infuse them with CBD. These CBD drinks are exactly like the ones you already buy and drink every day, but with a little element of natural relaxation on top of that. Whether you want to try something new (like a honeydew melon-flavored CBD soda) or stay true to the flavors you know and love (like blackberry, lime, or a classic cold brew flavor), there's a CBD product to drink waiting for you. Plus, if you're still craving something stronger, you can use these CBD drinks to make a delicious cocktail. There are no rules, baby.

Although these CBD drinks are usually sold in packs, some are larger than others. So, if you're new to CBD and want to start with a small pack, don't worry. From packs of 4 to packs of 14 (and more!), there are many options. Of course, you can always choose the flavors that seem most delicious to you. And trust us: There are plenty of flavors to choose from. Whether you're classic or bold, you can't lose in either case. Most of these drinks coming from the United States, we put the prices in dollars but as soon as we find suppliers in France we modify it to put you prices in Euros.

Check out our 12 favorite CBD beverage brands below, and get ready to feel relaxed.


  • Recess CBD Water (12 Pack) $54.99

Take your obsession with sparkling water to another level with these delicious (and aesthetic, if we're honest) Recess CBD drinks. Flavors like peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus and blackberry chai, how not to love them?

recess cbd drink

  • Pure Craft CBD Nano CBD Water Soluble + Melatonin

Perfect for nights when you don't seem like you can put the stressful day to rest, this water-soluble CBD tincture is also infused with melatonin (a natural, non-addictive sleep aid) to help promote restful sleep. Unlike many unmanageable CBD tinctures on the market, Pure Craft CBD's broad-spectrum range is formulated with nano-optimized technology to help CBD and melatonin absorb better and act faster.

nano cbd cbd drink

  • Zolt Mixie Sticks – Variety Pack $40

Whether you're looking to replace your morning coffee, give your energy a boost in the middle of the day, or help you sleep smoothly, there's a Zolt blender stick to pique your interest in CBD. Each stick is infused with 20mg of hemp and must be mixed with 16 ounces of water. Try them all with a varied pack that includes formulas such as Rise, Balance and Boost+, in flavors such as coconut and tropical orange.

zolt cbd drink

  • Wyld CBD Sparkling Water – (Pack of 4) $19.95

This pack of 4 CBD sparkling waters from Wyld is another way to test CBD products to drink. The pack comes with four different flavors: blood orange, blackberry, lemon and raspberry – so there's a little bit for everyone.

wyld cbd drink

  • CBD green teas from Vybes blueberry mint

Each of these green tea CBD drinks from Vybes contains 25 mg of hemp extract from Colorado-grown CBD hemp.

green tea cbd drink

  • SPrig Melon CBD Infused Beverages – Melon CBD Soda (12 Pack) $60

This refreshing drink is basically the same as your favorite sugar-free sparkling soda, but with the added benefits of CBD. Flavored without artificial sweeteners and with only seven ingredients in total, this CBD soda from Sprig could well become your new wellness treat.

CBD Sprig Melon cbd drink

  • Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew – CBD Cold Brew ($8 Pack) $64

If you're looking for something to cheer you up and calm down at the same time, go ahead and grab these cold CBD coffees from Mary Joe. Plus, there's no denying that the design of these bottles is really cool. Your mornings will be a little more aesthetic and relaxed.

Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew cbd drink

  • CBD Cloud Water Beverages – $12 Pack $54.60

Seriously, these brands of CBD drinks are excellent in terms of packaging. Of course, that's not all there is to love about these CBD Cloud Water drinks. In unique and refreshing flavors like blood orange and coconut, as well as grapefruit, basil and mint, these drinks are perfect for hot weather.

CBD Cloud Water Drink

  • Cannabinoid Creations Hemp Soda – $4$28 Pack

Go ahead, take out the bottle opener, as this treat from Cannabinoid Creations is actually a vintage-inspired soda with a touch of CBD. In wild flavors like High Tide Honeydew Melon, Cartoon Cereal Crunch, Grape Limeade, and classic soda flavors like Ginger Ale and Orange Cream, you're definitely going to want to try a pack or two.

Cannabinoid Creations cbd drink

  • Kickback CBD Drinks – CBD Ground Coffee $22

If you'd rather brew your own coffee than buy bottles that're already brewed — Kickback also has some very popular cold brewing options — consider this KICKBACK CBD ground coffee as your new morning favorite. Each bag contains 16 servings and can last you up to two weeks – depending on how many cups you drink per day, of course. The brand also offers CBD lemonades in different flavors, if you're not a heavy coffee drinker.

CBD Kickback coffee

  • Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer – $12 Pack $44.99

There's nothing like refreshing seltz water on a hot day — or indoors enjoying the air conditioning — and these CBD seltz waters from Queen City Hemp are poised to become your new favorite drink in hot weather. They are available in four different fruity flavors, so you can change them according to your mood.

CBD Queen City Hemp