The best ways to consume CBD flowers!

Are you more and more interested in CBD flowers and you want to start consuming them? This article is for you! Their consumption can prove to be a difficult task for novices and consumers a little more experienced could benefit, why not, from a more in-depth look at the best consumption techniques. In this article, it will be about dealing with CBD flowers, their characteristics and means of consumption.

CBD flowers: what exactly do you need to know?

Cannabis is a fairly potent plant in THC. Indeed, one can find a physical similarity with CBD flowers, however, the THC contents are extremely different, because these flowers contain only a fraction of the THC content of cannabis, that is, a content of less than 0.3%. It is therefore necessary to inform yourself as much as possible before buying your CBD products (whether cbd oils or CBD creams).

cbd flowers

One of the only differences that can be found between these two plants is the main chemical component: the cannabinoid, which is a common mistake. The cannabis plant can be grown to make it dominant in a number of different cannabinoids.

The popularity of CBD flowers dominates that of other flowers such as CBG flowers for the sole reason that they have gained notoriety faster than CBG flowers.

The production of these flowers can be done indoors (indoors) and outdoors (outdoors), however, indoor cultivation offers much better quality as well as better CBD power than outdoor cultivation.

How is the manufacturing done?

The duration of cultivation for a CBD-rich strain to reach full growth is four weeks and an additional eight to nine weeks to bloom. When CBD flowers reach full growth, they are traditionally picked and processed or frozen instantly.

Indica or sativa variety?

Yes, there are different varieties of flowers, some indica, sativa and even hybrid strains, just like THC-rich cannabis. Users of CBD flowers report that different combinations of terpenes are causing the various effects and consumers report that:

  • Indica strains have a calming effect;
  • Sativa strains have stimulating properties;
  • Hybrid varieties, on the other hand, produce balanced results.

What are the effects?

According to scientific evidence, the different chemical components contained in flowers may be more effective when combined. Cannabinoids seem to engage and create a kind of association of their respective energy in order to produce attributes better than their particular characteristics, this phenomenon is known as the entourage effect.

Many productions of this type of product make sure to eliminate this entourage effect by eliminating or isolating certain chemical components. CBD buds, on the other hand, preserve all the diversity of cannabinoids.

CBD flowers: use

These flowers are usually smoked or vaped. These are the most common consumption patterns, but when it comes to choosing a consumption method, the choice is yours! It's up to you to choose the method that suits you best.

The method of use also makes it possible to derive other CBD products from it, for example, you can infuse it in coconut oil, and then produce just about any CBD-infused edible delight or oil-based treatment under the sun.

cbd flowers use

Here are the three most well-known approaches to consuming CBD buds :


Although their THC content is less than 0.3%, CBD buds can be smoked in the same way as any other type of cannabis that can be found on the market. Nevertheless, there are significant disparities in the smoke produced by the different strains of CBD buds.

Do you want CBD flowers that have been grown indoors using organic methods, while being rich in chemical components such as THC and CBD that has been dried, and that, irreproachably? OUTDOOR-grown CBD flowers don't taste as pleasant and their cannabinoid content is often lower! You should also perform laboratory tests to make sure your flower crop contains legal amounts of THC.

CBD buds have a very surprising advantage: it is their speed of action that allows rapid absorption by your body. The latter transfers it directly into your brain through the blood arteries, inhaling CBD usually takes effect within 30 seconds.

One of the most useful methods to consume CBD is consumption by smoking CBD buds. However, these benefits can only be fully exploited if you smoke high-quality organic CBD buds.


If you feel like avoiding inhaling CBD smoke, you should consider vaping it. Unlike smoke, steam is more easily absorbed, vaping CBD buds can amplify its potency. Vaping also protects the chemical components, which give CBD buds its taste that is so distinct.

Take a few CBD flowers, then place them in a dry herb vaper and take it with you to vape on all the go. Use your vaper to bring out the richest tastes and most peaceful sensations.

Consume it in your diet

CBD buds can only be consumed after they have been cooked enough to decarboxylate the cannabinoids they contain. We also strongly advise you to turn your CBD buds into coconut oil or include them in meals rather than ingesting them as they present themselves. Even after the drying and meticulous treatment of CBD buds, consuming them raw is not a good idea. First, because CBD buds have an awful taste, but also in view of the fact that the chemical components only activate once subjected to heat.