How to choose a CBD flower?

Hemp flowers are among the few cannabis-related products allowed for sale in Europe and more particularly in France. There is a great diversity of them, so it is difficult to distinguish between them. It is indeed necessary to take into account certain criteria to choose your CBD flower.

If you want to buy a good quality CBD flower, you have done well to come across this article. We have done the work for you by presenting you with the essential criteria to follow to choose a CBD flower.

What is CBD?

CBD is an extract of cultivated hemp. This is a plant that botanists usually call cannabis Sativa. It is composed of cannabinoids. It is among these that the CBD flower we are talking about is located. This plant is often equated with THC cannabis which is very discouraged. Indeed, this is the category that makes you get high because of the high amount of psychotropic drugs that are present there.

On the other hand, the CBD flower does not contain any. There is therefore no a priori risk to health with moderate consumption. The CBD strains available on the market are:

  • Indoor CBD;
  • Outdoor CBD, etc.

Of course, each variety has specific characteristics.

7 criteria to follow to choose a CBD flower

To buy a good quality CBD flower as you can see on, you need to follow some key indicators. We have found for you 7 effective criteria to follow to choose the best CBD flower.

The visual presentation of the flower

This is one of the most important criteria that you need to take into account. The physical appearance of the flower is indeed essential for it to be of good quality. In addition, the presentation of it makes it possible to know if the plant is really fresh. For this, you just need to observe it carefully.

The physical appearance of the CBD flower also takes into account the color of it. It must make you want, if it is indeed a quality flower.

The smell of hemp flower

If you want to choose your CBD flower well, you must take into account the smell it gives off. Hemp flowers have a special smell that allows them to stand out from others. This is due to their connection with cannabis and it turns out that the latter also has a special smell.

If you find yourself in front of a CBD plant, the smell it gives off will let you know if it is a plant that has been harvested recently or not. It can even help you distinguish the best of them. So do not neglect this aspect.

The variety of the flower

Varieties of CBD flowers are very numerous. Even if some are not allowed because of their chemical composition, the other varieties are still very numerous. So you need to choose your variety well, because they do not have the same effects.

Indoor flowers, for example, have been protected from the weather during their cultivation and are more concentrated in CBD, which offers more pleasure to consume. On the other hand, outdoor ones have been grown outdoors, which makes them wilder. If you prefer this natural side then you should opt for this second type of flowers.

Effects produced following consumption

The goal of consuming hemp flowers is pleasure and the discovery of new sensations. So you need to think about the feeling that each type of flower provides and compare it to the one you are looking for. As a result, it will be easier for you to determine that it is the hemp flower you really need.

To estimate the effects of a CBD flower variety, you can use information such as its cannabidiol content. The higher the concentration, the stronger the effects.

Also note that it is this content that determines the taste of the flower. So if you're looking for new flavors, then you need to once again learn about the CBD content before you checkout.

The hygrometry of the hemp flower

Hygrometry is another very important criterion for choosing the best flower. This is the water content of the latter. That is, you need to pay attention to the humidity before you decide.

Indeed, a dry flower does not guarantee to be of good quality. It could even be that it is in this state, due to poor conservation. So you should avoid a flower that has this appearance at all costs. It is the same for flowers that are too humid.

A hemp flower that is too wet loses a lot of flavor. So you won't have the taste you were hoping for anymore. The ideal would be to opt for a flower whose humidity is reasonable and therefore well balanced.

The composition of the CBD flower

You should know that CBD flowers are actually made up of several leaves. The number of the latter is also a criterion to be observed when choosing the best flowers available.

When a flower is very dense in terms of leaves, the CBD concentration is distributed among them. It is therefore weak and does not provide a real feeling of relaxation. It is therefore recommended to choose flowers that do not have a very large number of leaves. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the effect they will produce.

The price of the flower

Finally, you must necessarily take into account the price of each flower to make your choice. It should be emphasized that better quality flowers are much more expensive than ordinary ones. They are indeed grown with care and preserved in the best conditions so that they can best satisfy consumers.

On the other hand, the cost may be related to the rarity of the flower. If the price seems too high, there is a good chance that this flower is very rare and provides unique sensations. You are not likely to be disappointed. Remember that you must combine the composition, smell, CBD concentration and other criteria in this case, to confirm the quality.

In short, remember that you have a very wide range of choices when it comes to the varieties of hemp flowers available. To choose your flower, the ideal would be to take into account the essential criteria presented in this article.