How to dose CBD as an infusion?

How to dose CBD as an infusion?

For an infusion, people who are new to CBD are often advised to take between 20 and 40 mg per day. However, there is evidence that much larger doses are safe.

Is it possible to drink CBD tea?

Why do people want to add CBD to their tea, coffee or any other beverage of their choice?

It is possible to hide the taste of CBD oil for those who do not like it. Since it is a plant extract, this product must have the same taste. However, it is not a dessert.A wide variety of flavors are present, ranging from pine and lemon to grass and spices towards the very end. Real marijuana extracts should have that taste.

What are the benefits of a CBD infusion?

Simply because the oil doesn't appeal to everyone, CBD tea has become a popular alternative for many people.

The bioavailability of CBD oil , however, can be increased depending on the type of CBD oil you use and how you add it to your drink. This implies that the way you take CBD can affect the amount your body uses. You can find our article on the benefits of CBD in infusion.

What are the methods for an infusion?

CBD tea can be prepared using one of four methods:

CBD teas made by specialty manufacturers

The first option is to buy a specialty tea or coffee infused with CBD. There are sachets already prepared.

The main problem with this procedure is that it can be expensive and you don't know the quality of the cannabis extract used. It may be a CBD isolate, which means it won't be as effective as a plant extract with all the other compounds present.

This strategy is convenient, but as always, it comes at a cost.

Infuse yourself with the products

It is very easy to prepare a CBD infusion either from a CBD flower or CBD oil.

How to prepare a cbd oil drink?

When it comes to CBD, many people wonder if they can simply add oil to their tea.

It turns out that this has many disadvantages. To begin with, the oil will float on top of the drink, because oil and water are incompatible. It also results in a loss of bioavailability.

Adding a fat like coconut oil or whole milk can help slightly improve bioavailability, but it's a trade-off that doesn't get the most out of your product.



CBD tea is a great way to start or end your day, depending on your preference. However, before you can build a tongue-pleasing cup, you must first locate the CBD oil that has the desired flavor profile. Whether you prefer the tastes of mint, tropical fruits or citrus fruits in your tea, you will find the product that suits you.

When buying CBD oil, keep in mind the dose and type of extract that was used. This is especially important if you are a heavy coffee drinker who consumes many cups throughout the day. When you consume too much of a good thing, it can have negative consequences!