Does CBD make you lose weight?

Are you trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight? But is there a link between your weight and CBD use? You may be interested to know that a lot of research has shown that, in some way, CBD makes you lose weight. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, a system responsible for, among other things, regulating metabolism, nutrient storage and transport, and energy intake.

According to studies done to date, CBD causes weight loss because it reduces appetite. Indeed cannabidiol does not eliminate it completely, but tends to increase the feeling of satiety. Cannabis could be a great help for weight loss, since it reduces food intake.

CBD helps with weight loss

Overweight and obesity are two problems that should be addressed conscientiously and according to the advice of your doctor. Their causes can be many and, at times, complex, but they most often boil down to two: an incorrect diet – not only in terms of excess, but also in terms of poor quality of the food consumed – and lack of physical exercise. Including cannabis in your diet only makes sense if you are also working on the two causes we just mentioned.

That being said, and inviting you to eat less and better and move more, we would like to point out that there are several studies aimed at understanding whether CBD causes weight loss or not. Indeed, adding CBD oil to the diet could allow for better weight regulation, as CBD stimulates what's known as brown fat. Be aware that your body stores energy in adipose tissue in the form of white fat and brown fat: The former provides the necessary reserves to meet the body's different energy needs – starting with muscle work – even in times of scarcity; the second, on the other hand, which was thought to have only one function, that of ensuring thermogenesis – that is, the production of the heat necessary to maintain the right body temperature – seems on the contrary to play a central role in triggering a series of processes that lead to the feeling of satiety. To return, then, to the Korean study, the researchers say that:

  • CBD makes you lose weight because this high-level phytocannabinoid has a beneficial effect on stimulating genes and proteins that are supposed to oxidize white fats.
  • CBD also makes you lose weight because it increases the proliferation and activity of mitochondria, which are responsible for your ability to burn calories.
  • Finally, CBD makes you lose weight because its last beneficial action would concern the decrease of proteins involved in lipogenesis: in simple terms, in the metabolism responsible for weight gain.

Is it possible to slim down with CBD?

Let's start with a necessary premise. There are no "magic wands" to lose weight in a short time and without any commitment, and one should not elevate a specific product or substance – in this case, CBD – to the rank of an immediate remedy for extra pounds. A healthy diet, possibly agreed with your dietitian, and regular physical activity are the ingredients for effective and healthy weight loss.

CBD helps to lose weight for its role on satiety as well as its fat burning effect.

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What is the difference between CBD and THC for weight loss?

Surprisingly enough, while THC is associated with an increase in appetite and the feeling that the smells and tastes of food are more intense, CBD has the opposite effect, causing an impression of fullness in the stomach. For this reason, it has been considered that it can help in moderate weight loss treatments and even in cases of obesity. CBD has an appetite suppressant effect, which does not mean that you will no longer be hungry, but that you may feel fuller faster, which will lead to less food consumption.

In this case, the focus will be on CBD, because, among its many properties in the treatment of emotional and sleep disorders, anxiety, muscle pain and even cancer, it has been found that it can also be a weapon for the problems of overweight and obesity that affect a large part of the world's population.

How can I add CBD to my diet?

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of CBD products, with a higher or lower percentage. CBD comes in all forms: gums, oils, powdered supplements, vaporizers, among others.So you have the choice to add this cannabinoid to your diet and we advise you our comparison of the best cbd oils to choose the right one.

CBD oil is fairly well accepted by experts who encourage its use, as well as other biological treatments for the management of different disorders and diseases, including obesity and overweight. Indeed, CBD oil is very widespread and easy to consume. In addition there is no fear about the side effects to be feared.

It is very easy to incorporate it into your shakers, smoothies, drinks thanks to the CBD flower or CBD oil. You can also find cosmetics directly ready to be tasted. Regardless, you will get all the properties, for your diet.


Beyond acting on health problems such as osteoarthritis, CBD can become an ally to allow people to maintain a healthy diet and lose weight naturally. In addition to maintaining an exercise routine and a balanced diet, CBD facilitates the process of burning calories and, as a result, weight loss for a better quality of life.