Lemon Haze – Discover the CBD version of the legendary Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a very popular hybrid that draws its power and powerful aroma from two prestigious parents: it is a cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. With a memorable citrus flavor profile and a sustainable and well-balanced high, this bud is an asset for fans of indica and sativa. But what does the Lemon Haze give in its CBD version? We tell you all about this legendary plant that is among the best hemp flowers.

What is Lemon Haze?

Lemon Haze flowers have medium to large buds that come in the form of coarsely spherical pieces. Although the leaves have a somewhat irregular and fluffy appearance. These fluffy leaves are a sparkling green and are strung with bright orange pistils. Amber trichomes cover these buds, giving them a slightly yellow glow and explaining their strong psychoactivity.

When properly dried, Lemon Haze exudes a strong citrus aroma; the smell of lemon is the predominant scent. This smoke has a tasty taste of herbs on exhalation, with some persistent notes of lemon.

The Lemon Haze is renowned for offering a high that can take several minutes to fully reveal its effects. At first, smokers may notice a change in their perception of external stimuli, with certain images or sounds taking on a new psychedelic dimension. An increase in brain activity can lead to stimulated conversation; this strain can also inspire creativity. In addition to these emotionally stimulating effects, Lemon Haze tends to provide the motivation to get up and feel energetic. This combination of mental and physical effects can be a great way to enjoy activities that involve both body and mind, such as exercise and, most importantly, sex. As the dose increases, smokers may lose their cerebral boldness, becoming more spacious and disconnected from their surroundings. The Lemon Haze will make you want to lie on the couch and let your mind wander. Due to its energetic beginning, this strain is best appreciated during the day or evening; if consumed in the evening, it is likely to leave users tired and hyperactive.

lemon haze cbd 0The Lemon Haze can also have several applications for patients on medical cannabis. Its positive mental effects can temporarily deflect symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. The sense of early concentration of the strain can also help people with attention disorders stay focused on a single task. Physically speaking, this bud can help relieve pain, whether temporary or chronic and nerve-related. Although the brain effects of Lemon Haze are generally not considered too intense, people who are prone to panic or have a low tolerance to THC may want to consume this sativa with caution.

Those who grow indoors should keep the height of this plant under control by cutting and trimming the branches early in the vegetative phase. Lemon Haze blooms in 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors and is ready to be harvested in early October when grown outdoors. It offers a modest yield of about 40 to 44 grams (or 1.4 to 1.6 ounces) of flowers per square foot of plant.

Why Lemon Haze is perfect for CBD

Lemon Haze flowers can rise above 22% CBD, so they are among the strains with the highest rate and are therefore ideal for growers who want to produce high-quality CBD. Its acidic and fruity flavor makes the Lemon Haze ideal for culinary consumption, so we are here on what is best in legal cannabis and quality CBD.

What are the varieties of Lemon Haze?

In its Sativa version, the Lemon Haze is recommended for activities requiring a watchful and sharp brain. The Lemon Haze Sativa leads you to a "High" state and therefore stimulates your brain abilities.

In its Indica version, The Lemon Haze is rather recommended for relaxation. In infusion or vaporization it will lead you to a deep feeling of well-being and can treat your anxiety, your sleep disorders or your stress.

How to consume Lemon Haze in CBD form?

To consume Lemon Haze legally in its CBD version, herbal teas and vaporization are the best alternatives. You can also use Lemon Haze flowers in cooking as long as they are sold to you in stores specializing in CBD and in a version under 0.2% THC.