Where to buy CBD for your dog?

As we know, CBD for dogs develops very, very strongly. More and more products are offered by the biggest brands (Cibdol, Enecta…) but it's not always easy to figure out where to buy the best CBD for dogs. In a few words, here are the different addresses where you can find CBD products for your pet.

Buy CBD for dogs online

That is clearly the solution that will be recommended to you. By buying CBD online you get both greater choice, the best CBD for dogs and the best prices. We invite you to consult our article listing the best CBD products for dogs, you will see that we find CBD oils suitable for animals that can provide supplements in Omega 3, vitamins and relieve the pain they may suffer. In terms of E-commerce sites that offer good products for animals we will recommend www.HexagoneVert.com, the French reference for quality CBD on the internet, but we could also mention Weedy, Kilograms and many others.

Buy CBD for dogs in shops

We will not hide it from you, the shops that you will find everywhere do not have as their heart of target the owners of pets. They rather target young people on the lookout for 100% legal "relaxation" solutions, so you will find CBD oils, herbal teas and infusions, resin and flowers but very rarely veterinary products. In addition, the sellers are not trained in the needs of animals, you would take a risk by following the advice you would be given there. We therefore do not recommend that you buy CBD for dogs in a shop intended primarily for humans.

CBD products and pet stores

Faced with the demand of more and more customers, more and more pet stores offer CBD products adapted to dogs and cats. Pet store salespeople do not have veterinary training but will have been trained by the brands that market their products and will therefore be able to direct you to products adapted to the needs of your dog or cat. Regarding the dosage on the other hand or recommends you to go see your veterinarian.

Buy your CBD at your veterinarian

Veterinarians who sell CBD products are still rare but we are willing to bet that more and more pet health professionals will have a catalog in their practice to have the products tested by their customers / patients. PET CBD brands will obviously take these prescribers by storm to allow them to use the right arguments to convince dog and cat owners of the virtues of CBD for their pets.


To buy CBD for your dog, the best solution is to go online on a trusted site. The products are offered at low prices and you can easily find the product adapted to the needs of your dog (skin and coat care, painkillers, food supplement …). But be careful all the same, always talk to your veterinarian before starting to give CBD to your dog, he will guide you by giving you medical advice and advise you, especially on the dosage to administer to your dog