What is the level of THC allowed in France?

There are currently more and more products on the market containing THC. These include CBD products. The products come in all forms, CBD oil, tea, cream, ointment, flower …

It is completely legal to sell products containing THC like CBD. However, the products marketed must comply with the laws and regulations in force. What is the level of THC allowed in France?

To be legal and allowed for sale in France, plants must not have a THC content of less than 0.2%. This is a European regulation. Thus, CBD products must meet these requirements to be sold in France.

What is the legal limit for THC?

The difference between hemp and marijuana comes down mainly to the THC content. It is therefore essential to know the level of THC contained in the products. In Europe, the limit is at a THC level of 0.2%. The percentage of THC is slightly higher in the United States and Canada, with a limit of 0.3%.

CBD consumers should therefore inquire about the laws that may apply in each country.

What is the THC content of a product?

The THC rate, percentage or content refers to the total amount of THC present in the plant. The calculation is carried out when the plant is harvested and then dried.

As a reminder, the limit imposed is a THC level of less than 0.2% in France. Implemented quite arbitrarily in Europe, this limitation aims to limit the psychoactive effects of THC. Indeed, according to several studies, products with cannabis must contain at least 1% THC to provide a feeling of "high" or "high".

Does this limit to an impact?

This legal limit mainly impacts the production of CBD products. This is because there are few hemp plants that produce high levels of CBD with very low THC levels. The equation for growers is to grow hemp plants with cannabidiol content that meets the legal THC limit.

My products have a different rate, is it legal?

The limit on the maximum THC level concerns the cultivated plant. The percentage is calculated just after harvest. There may therefore be a variation between the maximum level of 0.2% of the hemp plant and your final product.

What is the level of THC allowed in France? - CBDnaturel.fr

Is an increase in this limit to be expected?

Yes, absolutely. Last October, the European Parliament voted in favour of increasing this limit. From 2023, the permitted THC level will be 0.3%. This change will apply with the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Hemp, CBD and medical cannabis are major challenges for the European Union. This accompanies and encourages for quality products with monitoring (labelling, packaging) and standardization of production, especially on the products and substances used.

Why is this a major change?

  • The THC content has an impact on CBD. There is a proportional link between the two. We can therefore hope to have products with higher CBD percentages from 2023.
  • This will make the accessible product catalogue much more like that of our American and Canadian neighbours. It is the possibility to buy new varieties of strains and therefore product!
  • It will also make it easier for hemp growers to destroy their plants if they exceed 0.2%.
  • Europe is thus aligning itself with China and the United States on hemp production, whose limit is currently 0.3%