What to do when you don't like the taste of CBD oil

Many modes of CBD consumption are available today and they come in various and varied forms. Among these, CBD oil remains one of the forms or perhaps even the most popular form of CBD consumption for users who want a quick and effective effect on one's entire body.

It is known that to increase the amount of CBD that actually penetrates, one must keep the CBD oil under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing it. This is the sublingual method. This method is recommended because it allows CBD oil to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the many blood vessels in the mouth, allowing CBD to act in about 20 minutes.

If you like the natural taste of CBD, you're in luck but if you 're one of the many consumers who don't like that particular taste, then taking CBD sublingually can become a showdown…

What does CBD taste like?

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils contain about 200 different organic compounds, including various cannabinoids including CBD, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and terpenes. Cannabinoids by themselves are relatively tasteless, but each variety of cannabis/hemp has a unique taste, due in large part to its specific blend of flavonoids and terpenes. Each terpene and flavonoid has its own aroma, taste and benefits.

CBD, when not expired, has a distinctive taste, like any food it can please many people and displease others. It is often described as having an "earthy", "bitter", "nutty", "grass", sometimes "flowery" and even "fruity" taste. The reality is that each brand or oil will taste slightly different. But if you've hated the taste of one of these oils, you probably won't like the natural taste of other CBD oils unless you've added some fragrance to it.

Why kids don't like the taste of CBD

The taste buds of children are different from those of adults. They instinctively like sweeter and saltier tastes than adults. Children's taste buds make them dislike bitter flavors, which is why they naturally don't like CBD in its natural form. In general, children also tolerate acidic flavors better than adults. And so using acidity can be helpful in making CBD more palatable to children.

If you have arrived on our article it is because you also know that children are not the only ones to be difficult with food. That's why we've listed below some tips to help people who want to take CBD oil but can't stand its taste.

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5 Tips to Hide the Taste of CBD Oil

Tip 1: Have a drink handy

After keeping cbd oil under your tongue for the recommended time, swallow a glass of water, natural fruit juice or actually any drink of your choice. This trick is often used when you taste several dishes in a row and want to be sure to smell all the tastes without being bothered by the tastes of the previous dish. Taking a glass of water right after holding the CBD oil under your tongue will quickly eliminate much of the taste from your taste buds.

A tablespoon of lemon juice, pure lime or just a small pinch of salt can also help make the taste of CBD go away.

Tip 2: Mix with honey

As with many other foods, add your CBD drops to a spoonful of good quality honey to make it much better in the mouth.

By this we mean thick honey, with a low water content and free of additives. Avoid liquid honey, as you should place and hold the spoonful of honey under your tongue or your child's tongue for as long as possible, 90 seconds is ideal. Kids might have a hard time keeping food under their tongues, but the thick, sticky nature of honey much like candy will help them keep CBD in their mouths for a while before it's ingested. The sweet taste of honey also counterbalances the natural bitterness of CBD oil. And it is without recalling that honey also has its own beneficial properties. If you don't like honey, chocolate spread is a useful alternative. And of course, do not forget to brush your teeth regularly if you opt for this solution otherwise you could find yourself facing new problems…

Tip 3: Eat CBD candy

Sometimes forcing yourself is not always rewarded but don't worry, the industry has a solution that will please everyone. English speakers call them "gummies", these CBD candies are real concentrates of CBD and flavors. Convenient, effective and without added sugars, it is an excellent alternative that allows you to enjoy all the effects of cannabidiol easily and it is approved by many consumers.

Our selection of CBD sweets or lozenges

CBD can of course be administered by one of other varieties of methods, including e-liquids, pastes, oils or even creams but CBD candy remains the most convenient option in everyday life.

Tip 4: Cook and add to food

If really nothing helps you hold CBD oil under the tongue and the sublingual route is therefore not an option for you, then mixing CBD oil with food may be your next best option. You will lose some of the effectiveness of the product, a slightly smaller amount of active ingredients will reach the bloodstream but it is still better than nothing. You may then want to slightly increase the dosage of the oil if you cook it.

Another disadvantage of adding to food is that unless you eat the entire meal to which it was added, you have no way of knowing what exact dose was ingested. Nevertheless, taking CBD oil in your food is a rather convenient method of administration if you can't stand CBD oil.

When choosing foods to add CBD to, remember that CBD oil is hydrophobic and does not mix with water. It should be mixed with foods or liquids containing fat. Thus, it will not mix well with juice, but it is fantastic mixed with whole milk, yogurt or other milk-based products, coffee and tea. The more you stir the oil in the ingredients, the better it will mix. If you can use a small electric blender, it will help it disperse into an even smoother drink that kids will love.

Drink mixed drinks and cold soups immediately, because if you let them sit for too long, CBD can separate from other ingredients.

CBD oil is also sensitive to temperature. It is then best to keep it in a cool place, away from sunlight, as it can begin to degrade slowly if exposed to these conditions. Although its benefits can be enhanced by a slight warming, excessive heat can destroy some of the useful cannabinoids contained in the oil. It is generally advisable not to heat it to more than 160-170 degrees Celsius and never place it on a direct heat source. Overheating also increases its bitterness.

Sweet and savory CBD recipes can counterbalance or balance the bitter taste of CBD. Taking bitter dietary supplements like CBD with other naturally bitter foods like dark chocolate, coffee and maple syrup is a great combination.

Here are some of our favorite treats using CBD:

  • Chocolate spread and hazelnuts with bananas on toast, pancakes or waffles.
  • Guacamole and hot sauces. Fatty, sour, spicy and salty flavors work really well together.
  • Cheesecakes
  • Salad dressings
  • Cereal bars, brownies and banana cakes
  • Lentil soup with curry and dahls

Tip 5: CBD cocktails are awesome!

In addition to being fat soluble, CBD oil is also quite miscible with alcohol! We're talking about spirits here rather than beer and wine, so why not experiment with new cocktails by adding CBD? Taking CBD will no longer be an ordeal but a pleasure.