CBD – Can I test positive for saliva?

As the number of CBD users continues to grow, there remains a fundamental question that everyone is asking. Could CBD oil, E-liquid with CBD or other CBD-based consumables leave traces in drug tests?

Can CBD consumption be detected during a saliva test?

For some, the answer seems obvious, they will answer you without hesitation that "no" just like various scientific studies. And indeed, they are not wrong, the usual drug tests do not detect CBD. 

For others, doubt persists and they claim that there is a possibility that CBD can cause a drug test to fail. But then why this doubt?There is a small downside in the studies. These have used pure CBD when in reality CBD products may contain other compounds depending on how they are treated.These contradictory answers make new or occasional consumers doubtful, who are therefore not sure what they are at risk.The possibility of testing positive for drugs is a real concern. 

CBD is not a drug but can make a saliva test positive in rare cases

During checks by law enforcement, saliva tests used look for the presence of the following drugs: cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine and heroin.Cannabidiol (CBD) does not appear in a drug test for a good reason: these saliva tests actually measure the presence of THC and not the presence of CBD.Is the risk really zero?No. Recommended to relieve anxiety, insomnia or chronic pain, the many cannabidiol products have many benefits. They do us good but still contain some traces of THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana but this is normal.As a reminder, THC and CBD come from the same plant variety: cannabis.Unlike THC, CBD which is not considered a drug does not cause psychoactive effects and does not affect your motor or cognitive abilities. 
cbdnaturel cannabis cbd saliva testObviously, the THC content of the products you consume should be very low or almost zero because only CBD products with a THC level of less than 0.2% are allowed for sale.However, if the amount of THC left in your body is high enough, it will appear in a drug test.This means that, in rare cases, the use of CBD can result in a positive screening test. It all depends on the quality and composition of the CBD product you are using.

Limits can be exceeded even with CBD

From there, it's all about mathematics. If you consume very many kilograms of a product with a low THC level, say 0.001%, it is possible that enough THC accumulates in your body and causes you to fail a drug test. With a theoretical CBD product containing just under 0.2% THC, you would still have to consume a very large amount before you could test positive on a saliva test.
So yes it is rare and it should not happen with a classic and controlled use but unreasonable consumption and a lack of knowledge of the products can play tricks on you and cost you many points on your driver's license.

Driving, work and CBD

It is important to understand how CBD interacts with the body and to be aware of the potential risks.CBD has many health-promoting properties but there is still much to learn about it, which is why many studies are underway and the results are encouraging.If driving after taking CBD is allowed, one should remain vigilant. After using cannabis with high levels of THC, your motor and cognitive abilities will be negatively impacted, you can not drive. For CBD this is obviously not the case on the other hand the risk of drowsiness exists as for many drugs.If you are not worried about a drug test but are wondering about your USE OF CBD in your workplace, I invite you to read our article about it here.

What to do not test positive for CBD saliva test

There are more and more CBD products on the market.The quality of the product you buy is paramount, ask for advice, inquire about the products you encounter. Also pay close attention to the compositions of these products which must be clear and which must mention the THC content.Then, control your intake by starting with low doses if those are your first times to limit bad side effects in your daily life.

Quality of cbd, price and quantity, of choice for the French

Cbd has become in a few years a reference to treat the French. Since its appearance and legalization by law, it is even more popular. The cannabidiol of the hemp plant makes it possible to heal people with great efficiency. In particular, all those who have joint or chronic pain.

Nevertheless, with a growing market, it is necessary to pay attention to the selected products. There are very good references as well as not so good ones on the market. That is why, it is necessary to give one's confidence to a quality cbd wholesaler .

In addition, CBD online sells like hotcakes. On the other hand, to promote a very good quality product without scams, it is necessary to check the prices. At first, it is an indispensable marker. Then you have to have fun comparing. Of course, a quick look at the spec sheet doesn't hurt. Thanks to all these elements, the consumer cannot be trapped.

An online CBD wholesaler also has verified reviews. Going to the platform to look at consumer reviews remains the best way to consume your CBD online.