The effects of CBD: for which disease to consume it?

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of CBD shops in France, these stores are specialized in the sale of CBD products. Even if the legal framework remains rather unclear, many traders are embarking on this activity and continue to praise the merits of cannabidiol on health.

Indeed, even if clinical research remains quite weak in this area, but many consumers claim that the consumption of CBD helps to mitigate the effects of certain pathologies. To learn more about the health effects of CBD, we invite you to read the rest carefully.

What is CBD?

Better known as cannabidiol, this molecule is extracted from hemp plants. It is often confused with THC, which is the molecule present with the highest concentration in cannabis plants, CBD does not provide any psychoactive effect unlike THC.

cbd effects

These two phytocannabioids are the molecules with the highest concentration and the majority of scientific studies on cannabis focus on them. Today, the cultivation of cannabis and hemp has made it possible to have pure CBD plants, THC is present in very small concentration, or even non-existent, it is these plants that are used to extract CBD. Indeed, you should know that French law requires manufacturers of CBD products to have very low levels of THC, namely less than 0.2%. This is verified by specialized laboratories and approved by the state so that the product in question is legal for sale and consumption.

Some experiments have been conducted by researchers on a hundred French patients to determine the degree of effectiveness of CBD, the results have been quite conclusive and have favored the appearance of two CBD-based drugs which are Sativex and Epidiolex. Even if the consumption of CBD in all its forms remains legal in France, the taking of these drugs is subject to a prescription from a specialized doctor. Other products such as CBD oil, e-liquids, cosmetics and food products that are sold in CBD Shops and pharmacies are not subject to prescription, but it is not recommended to consume them without the advice of a professional. Dose adjustment is paramount to avoid some of the adverse effects of CBD, such as vomiting and nausea, diarrhea, and drowsiness.

What are the health effects of CBD?

CBD today enjoys a lot of publicity about its merits andhealth benefits, but it is important to take into account that there is still little conclusive scientific research on this subject.

cbd effects

It is more the sellers and traders who praise the merit of this product, this being much more an economic strategy than a health strategy, which means that even if the harms of CBD are not really worrying, a fairly frequent consumption with high doses can harm your health. Until today, CBD is known to fight against:

  • anxiety disorders: thanks to its slight anxiolytic action, CBD is often prescribed to calm this type of disorder;
  • Vomiting and nausea: A 2010 study showed that CBD had an effective effect on nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapeutic treatments. However, Sativex must be accompanied by anti-vomit treatment;
  • The effects of Parkinson's disease: In several countries around the world, patients with Parkinson's disease consume CBD to mitigate the effects of this disease. This helps them calm tremors and tics, even those of Tourette's disease;
  • some forms of epilepsy: especially in children, it is for this reason that doctors generally prescribe Epidolex, which is used to help patients better control their seizures;
  • the effects of schizophrenia: here too, a study conducted on patients with this disorder has proven that CBD helps reduce hallucinations and delusional phases on patients, suggesting an antipsychotic effect of CBD;
  • stress and insomnia attacks: when it comes to stress and insomnia disorders, the majority of studies conducted give contradictory results, so the effects of CBD are not really proven, but they can be effective in some cases.

How to consume CBD?

One of the advantages of CBD is that it can be consumed in different ways, it basically depends on the product and how quickly its effects appear. The most well-known way of consumption is undoubtedly vaping. Indeed, it is possible to inhale CBD-based e-liquids using a vape or an electronic cigarette. This is the easiest and most appreciated way by CBD enthusiasts, because it offers a discreet and stylish solution, but also, because the effects of CBD appear quite quickly once inhaled due to the rapid absorption of CBD by the blood.

However, this is not the only method to consume CBD. There are several CBD oils on the French market that can be used for several preparations, whether culinary recipes, hot drinks or juices. Oral CBD consumption is also appreciated, because you just have to put a few droplets under your tongue to see the effects appear very quickly. You can add a little to your dishes, so that the absorption of CBD by the body is done less quickly and to better enjoy your preparations.

It is quite possible to prepare CBD infusions and juices and add a few drops of CBD, but you will have to pay attention to the dosage. As for taking CBD-based drugs, it is recommended to go through a specialized doctor, since these may have some side effects and contraindications that must be taken into account. In addition, it is almost impossible to obtain it in pharmacies without a medical prescription.