How do I know if CBD oil is expired?

Like any good thing, even the best CBD oils eventually expire. However the shelf life generally varies between 1 and 2 years, so you have time to consume it before it happens provided you respect certain rules.

Factors that vary the shelf life of CBD oil

To have a maximum shelf life for CBD oil, you have to look at several factors.The quality, the ingredients used and the way you store the oil will impact the shelf life of the oil. A good understanding of these factors can help you choose products that will be effective for longer. You will then be able to keep the CBD oil longer and get even more bang for your buck.Here are the main factors:

– Quality: Unsurprisingly, better quality products tend to last longer. The growing conditions, the quality of the plants as well as the quality of the other ingredients used will have an impact on the shelf life of the oil.

– Ingredients: The content of CBD oil is important because each ingredient, like the flavors added to it, has its own shelf life, which can affect the durability of the product as a whole. When it comes to the shelf life of CBD oil, it's best to read the product label carefully.

– The extraction process: The carbon dioxide extraction method is considered the best. It maximizes the level of CBD in each drop and also helps maintain the stability of the compounds.

– Packaging: These bottles are not only amber for aesthetics, there is a practical side to this. CBD oil keeps longer in airtight, dark-colored glass containers. This type of packaging then helps protect the oil from exposure to air and sunlight.

– Storage: Research shows that heat and light accelerate the degradation of CBD, hence the importance of adequate storage. Ideal conditions can help CBD oil maintain its effectiveness and freshness considerably.

How do I know if CBD oil is expired?

As with most products, there should be an expiration date on the bottle that will give you an idea of whether or not the oil has exceeded its shelf life. That said, expiration dates are not an exact science as you have probably seen with other food products. This is where your senses come into play. 

A fresh CBD oil must have a taste that will be described as earthy and not be in any way unpleasant.

It is thick and cloudy. This may change slightly if the oil has remained in a cold room or if you have put it in the refrigerator. In this case, a few minutes at room temperature should be enough to restore the oil to its natural viscosity and color. Otherwise, too much thickness and darkness are signs of degradation.

Unless artificially flavored, CBD oil is usually described as having a "nutty," "earth," or "herb" taste. Even if you don't like these flavors, the taste is never really unpleasant. Expired CBD oil, on the other hand, will taste a little stranger, less natural, like most cooking oils that have seen better days.

Can expired CBD oil make you sick?

No, expired CBD oil probably won't make you sick. In fact, it probably won't do much for the following reason.Over time, cannabinoids begin to degrade and lose potency. This means that if you use an expired CBD oil, you will not benefit from all the therapeutic effects of the product but it will not hurt you either.

Our storage tips for conversing your CBD oil

CBD oil is sensitive to changes in air, light and temperature, making proper storage essential if you want to preserve its effectiveness and freshness for as long as possible.

A basic rule for the preservation of CBD oil is to treat it like other oils, after all it is an oil… Think about olive oil, coconut oil, and other cooking oils you have in your pantry.This means protecting CBD oil from excess light, heat and air, starting with choosing the right container.

Good quality CBD oil is usually packaged in dark glass bottles, airtight and medical grade, and it's not for nothing. Dark glass reduces light exposure and helps control temperature. The lid prevents excess oxygen and other potential contaminants, all of which can affect freshness and speed up exhalation.

In addition to keeping it in the right container, here are some other tips that will help you keep your CBD oil fresh:

Keep CBD oil in its original packaging to avoid unnecessary exposure to air.
Store the oil at room temperature, which is usually between 16 and 21°C.
Store the oil in a dark place, away from light, such as in a cabinet or closet.
Keep oil away from potential sources of heat or excessive cold, such as windows, radiators, air conditioners, and stoves.
Use a clean dropper or spoon every time you take CBD oil to avoid the presence of bacteria and other contaminants in the bottle.
Always be sure to close the bottle tightly after use to prevent air from entering.

Why try CBD oil?

If you are looking for new product tests for your skin, close to essential oils, it is possible to try CBD oils. It comes from the extraction of hemp, and each bottle contains a high level of CBD and a low level of THC, less than 0.2%. It is the indica and sativa varieties that are most used for these oils, as they naturally contain a lot of cannabidiol.

In the by-products of hemp, it is the oil that is most used for the skin, but also for the human organism. It is in great demand in the creation of cosmetic products, because it acts as a very powerful antioxidant. It can protect your skin against the development of microbes or against a skin infection. CBD oil is also used for hair, it protects it up to the root and strengthens regrowth. 

If you ingest oil, it will also have an anti-stress and anti-inflammatory role for your body. It is therefore a very effective anxiolytic that you can use. Finally, you can also try CBD oil in massage oil to relieve muscle and joint pain.