What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?

Do you know the difference between cannabis sativa and indica? This is one of the questions that comes up regularly. These two terms are often associated together in presentations. Although Sativa and Indica belong to the same cannabis family, the strains have different growth characteristics and effects. In this article we will explain the commonalities and differences between these two cannabis plants.

Indica, Sativa: what is it?

Sativa and Indica are names given to cannabis strains. This is called a strain or plant of cannabis, to refer to its type. Some experts refer to indica and Satica as species within the plant family. But don't worry it's still cannabis. Moreover, when you look at sativa and indica strains, the differences may be minimal.

Also know that, like all agriculture, cannabis is the subject of many crosses. Strains of indicas and sativas are mixed. Most strains therefore have a mixture of characteristics in their genes. These mixed strains are called hybrids. Therefore, it is difficult to find a pure indica or sativa.

The composition and genetic characteristics tell us about the type of plant that will come out of the seeds. It is important to know the type of cannabis used, as the effects can vary depending on the plant. We will come back to this in this article.

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica? - natural cbd

What are the physical differences between Indica and Sativa?

The biggest differences between Sativa and Indica are found in the plant itself. Indicas have a short, conical shape with broad leaves. An Indica plant usually grows faster and often has a higher yield than a Sativa plant. This plant is found in regions with a colder climate. The indica plant has relatively higher percentages of CBD than a sativa, and relatively less THC.

The Sativa plant is larger and more branched, with narrow leaves. Compared to Indicas, Sativas often take longer to bloom. Geographically, it is more common in regions where summers are long and the climate is warmer. Unlike Indica, the sativa plant usually has a lower CBD level and a higher THC level.

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What are the effects of Indica and Sativa?

The psychoactive effects of Cannabis indica and sativa are widely discussed. Sativa is often described as mentally stimulating and energetic, while indica is described as relaxing and calming.

Do you need deep relaxation? Then Indica are the solution. Indica strains are often used to calm the body and mind. Nausea and acute pain can also be treated with Indica strains. Due to their relaxing effect, Indica can make you drowsy.

A little happiness, does that sound familiar? Try a Sativa variety. These strains stimulate the production of serotonin. This improves your concentration and creativity and also puts you in a good mood. Sativas plants are particularly indicated for people suffering from anxiety, depression or chronic pain.

Which variety to choose?

Sativa is no better than indica, nor is it the other way around. A variety can bring more effective effects to one person or another. Depending on your preferences and desired effects, you can look for a sativa or indica plant. Or you can opt for a mixture of both, with hybrid varieties. The effect and taste of your favorite strains depend on many aspects other than just the indica or sativa genes. This is particularly the case for terpenes contained in plants.

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